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Elevating fitness, one workout at a time

Come in and check out a truly unique fitness experience.

Our mission, since opening our doors in 2005, has been to provide our community with a welcoming and inclusive fitness environment, where individuals of all abilities can improve their physical and mental well-being through expert guidance, state-of-the-art equipment and vast variety of programming methods.


REAL results with REAL trainers.

Our elite trainers bring personalized workout plans, injury prevention, motivation, accountability and progress tracking to help clients reach all their fitness goals efficiently and effectively.

Workout Facility

Workout Facility

Our Methods

Our Programs



Classic, science-based, and proven 12 week full body program. Start here if you're getting into weightlifting, or starting back up.


Specifically designed to sculpt the body for maximum appeal. Best for intermediate and advanced lifters.


Build a perfectly symmetrical body. Each exercise specifically targets both side of the body independently. Helps evening out lagging body parts.


High intensity interval training done the RIGHT way. Designed for intermediate to advanced lifters for maximum fat loss and total fitness conditioning.


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Are you a Personal Trainer?

Atlas Gym is the home to some of the best trainers in the Montreal/Laval area. If you are looking for a facility that is geared specifically for training clients, look no further. Contact us to know more about office rentals and periodical sessions with your clients. 

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